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Audrey- 16 x 20

Audrey- 16 x 20

Audrey- Queen of West Seattle

Audrey grew up an "only child", and liked it that way. She had to make a drastic adjustment in middle age with the addition of a new human adult, two new human children, and two very large dogs in her household. She adjusted, sort of, and begrudgingly permits the large dogs to remain a part of the home scene but keeps them aware of the hierarchy; Audrey is on top, and they are somewhere below supplicant status. She has privileges that accompany her position- she sleeps on the bed, eats in the kitchen, and has free access to the yard through a small door that the "others" can't fit through. She likes it that way too.

Audrey is the intellectual of the canine group; smart and communicative. She makes demands, which are mostly obeyed by the human servants. Her favorite command, (which is to say, SHE gives the command), is "go get my squeaky and play with me". There are other commands and demands, but she also likes to go outside and just give the world a piece of her mind when it's called for, which is regularly.

Audrey loves balls; is crazy for balls. One time one of the human children won a chrome soccer trophy, which had a small half soccer ball embedded in it. Audrey spotted the half ball and wouldn't give up on trying to get it. Even when the trophy was boxed to hide the ball, Audrey kept staring at the box with a low growl, indicating that she knew it was there and WANTED it- NOW. I'm not sure if that demand was honored.

She is portrayed on her deck, indicating with her ears and expression "do you see that over there? What do you think about that? Do you see it? Huh? Do you?" She is being her munificent self, generously allowing the Hummingbird and Eagle to be part of her world.