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George, Sophia, and Amy- 16 x 20

George, Sophia, and Amy- 16 x 20

George, Sophia and Amy- Dog Stories

Why three dogs? Having a veterinarian daughter might have something to do with it. The middle dog in the painting, the Chihuahua Sophia, was dropped off at the clinic by the previous owner, who had accidentally run her over with the car. Sophia was 17 and the owner wanted Sophia put down. Instead of euthanizing her, daughter Dr. Valerie performed the necessary surgery and rehabilitation ... and then called Mom. Mom was soon smitten. Sophia is now 19; weak, deaf, and totally dependent upon Mom, but still assisting in therapy sessions with "Mom's" clients. Sophia is quiet and accepting. She allows humans to be close without a big response, just calm receptivity.

George came to the family after the devastating loss of Ruffles, the Pomeranian who preceded all three dogs. George has been with the family all of his life except for his earliest puppy weeks. George is not only the oldest family member of the dogs, but he is considered the "old soul". George is a calm, almost background dog. He never bothers anybody, never has "accidents", and is always well behaved. He will stand still and let people pet him, day in and day out. Everyone loves him. He goes to work with C and D every day. He is unassuming, undemanding, and never voices a complaint. He just stands still and lets people make over him, then turns and goes back to where he was hanging out. He seems to be a spirit who possesses an understanding of the mysterious unseen workings of the world.

Eight years after George entered the family, Amy arrived. Amy is the black and white Lhasa Apso. Amy is a rescue who arrived shortly after another devastating loss, that of Pandora, the Lhasa Apso that showed C and D that they should never live without a Lhasa Apso. Grief striken with the loss of Pandora, C started looking for other Lhasas that might need homes. Amy was listed as a victim of a puppy mill, and had been left with Lhasa Apso Rescue of Houston after having fulfilled her function of producing dozens of consecutive litters. Due to her history, she was not considered adoptable, but Mom Carole and daughter Dr. Valerie wouldn't give up on her, and she eventually came home. Amy immediately took to C's other half, Don, and would not, and still will not, leave his side... nor he hers. She goes everywhere with him and even has a child's car seat in back of the car, where she perches strapped in while doing errands. Amy has a fierce streak- and acquired the nickname Amy the Growler, though growling is as menacing as she ever gets.

Sadly, George left this mortal world for that of the unseen one shortly after I began work on the painting. George's spirit continues much as it was in the physical world; quietly, comfortingly, present.