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Sedra- 20 x 24

Sedra- 20 x 24

Sedra's Dog Story

Sedra was at one time, just "the dog". Paulette was driving on San Esidro Road in Albequerque, NM when she saw cars slowing for a dog in the middle of the road. The dog was flagging down cars and peering inside intently, as if she were looking for someone. Paulette slowed and thought she would take the dog back to the address on her tag.
When P stopped and approached the dog, she knew immediately that there was no home to which she could bring the dog. The dog was covered in tics so badly that it was like a chest plate of armor. The dog was lactating and was in great distress, looking for her pups. P knew she couldn’t find the pups for her, but she coaxed the dog into the dog car, and drove her to a vet. The dog was fearful of entering through a door and fearful of walking on tile, but Paulette coaxed her into the office. The vet was incredulous at the number of tics- she’d never seen such a bad case. The vet removed the tics and gave the dog a bath, and Paulette paid the bill. Paulette was in transition between homes and was staying at a motel for a few nights, so could not take on a dog. Nonetheless, Paulette snuck the dog into the motel. She then set upon giving the dog away. She tried three times to adopt her out, and three times she was unsuccessful. The third time, Paulette talked to the dog and told her that she couldn’t keep her, she had to go somewhere else to live. The dog looked Paulette directly in the eye and communicated “What about us? I thought we were forever!”

While thinking the words “No, you can’t stay with me”, what came out of Paulette's mouth was “yes, you are right”. Paulette named "the dog" Sedra, a shortened version of San Esidro, the road where she was found by the person who didn't know it, but had been looking for her too.